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I finally started a blog. Over the past few years, I have written a lot of random gibberish, some serious ponderings and some rubbish… about life and people… about movies and music… about friends and relationships… basically just about anything and everything. And my latest thoughts are occupied by blogging, internet, social networking and the digital age in general.

Now that puts me in a state of fix. I am alternating between an irresistible temptation of publishing my previous writings and an exciting prospect of writing about the thoughts bubbling in my mind right now.

Should this blog include only the new thoughts trying to fight for my attention right now and henceforth? Or should it also include all that I have written previously? On second thoughts, it’s an irrelevant question. This blog will include both.

Since its 03:30 am and am quite tired, I decided to go for the easier option. For now, I will sign off with an old article of mine, about one of my favourite topics, “education”; it will be published as my next post, right after this.

And a quick word about blogging which I will, in all probability, expand on tomorrow. I had been advised more than once about writing blog. And I have always ignored the same, except for these latest words of the wise (quite motivating they were).

Here’s the result of a quick query about “why blogging” I made to an avid (and may I say, veteran) blogger.


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