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My first post

After a long time of contemplation and lethargy, I have finally decided to start writing on a regular basis and share my views through this blog. Writing has always been one of my favourite ways of mental stimulation. It helps me to crystallize my random thoughts and views. And sometimes it helps me to vent out and lighten up. And for this reason, the process of writing and the end product has always been extremely personal to me. I never considered making them public or commercial. Having said that, I also craved a subsequent discussion and debate on my viewpoints, I craved different or broader perspectives. After the encouragement of few friends, I have finally decided to share my thoughts through a blog. I am probably one of the last adopters of the internet and online social networking fad. As the wise ones say, ‘better late than never’.

So, here I am. I welcome you, whoever is reading this, to my world view… life as I see it, people as I perceive them. I should perhaps warn you, I am opinionated and sometimes rigid. And sometimes, I am just an external spectator reporting or analyzing both sides, without a definite conclusion.


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