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Some casual conversation with a friend today reminded me of my time in Mumbai… amongst the most memorable times of my life. Most people I know have an extreme opinion of the city… they HATE it or they LOVE it. There is no middle path. I, however, could never settle on either side. I have had diametrically varying experiences with the city and its people over the years I spent there. Diversity is one of its main features… diversity in geography, landscape, architecture, people, their behaviour, culture, even street slangs! And hence, varying experiences and reactions.

Love it or hate it, you sure can’t ignore it. There is no place like Mumbai in India and my guess is, there never will be. Mumbai has become one of my favourite topics of discussion. And therefore, it is inevitable that the fascinating city will find mention in my blog. I suspect, as the days pass, Mumbai might just end up as the most-written about topic here. For tonight, I would just sign off with a quick thought that crossed my mind some 3 years ago and finds mention in my writings from the summer of 2008. These are some of my favourite lines… the best that I could ever manage to write in an attempt to describe how the city charms me, and I guess, many others.

“I am mesmerized by this city… not with the aesthetics but the absence of it… not with the crowd but its diverse nature and the million stories hidden behind these faces… with the missing pattern in its structure and roads… with the dark alleys leading to pretty homes and its bright corridors ending in silent dark chambers. Each time I venture out of the acquainted territories of this city, I m mesmerized. Mumbai is spectacular… it never fails to amuse me!”



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