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Information Overload!


Overwhelming data supply…

The problem with the progressing world and the ever-evolving generations of human is the overwhelming assortment of information, thoughts and ideas thrown around with little care leaving many dumbfounded and many others thinking and analyzing those bits that came their way. There are some who are simply left confused because they don’t know what exactly to absorb and what to ignore and worst still what to interpret and how to infuse it with their understanding of the world and life. Left behind as a result are ambiguous thoughts and confounded souls living unfocused lives with hazy dreams. As they say “ignorance is bliss”.

The new kids…

Meet the kids of today… way ahead us, the youth of today. We have passed on the knowledge and the pressure-to-know to our future generation just like our predecessors, adding another block to the ever-increasing burden. The new generation is aware and confused; just as we were as kids and now as youth; just as our parents were at the prime of their life.

The kids are overwhelmed with the burden of knowledge; burden imposed by us and accepted by them, given the increased level of their curiosity and an easy access to information sources. With the progressing time, we pass on larger information dump onto our future generations causing them to think and grow much faster than their predecessors.

Building future or killing innocence?

And I wonder, if this more knowledgeable generation will be better prepared to face the world out there and lead an enriched life or will it just lead to the loss of innocence much earlier than required without helping them to grow into better humans?!!


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