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Pen is mightier than the sword. Take these words of the wise for granted. Written word is amongst the prime reasons for significant shifts in society. Not only do words shape and crystallize thoughts, they allow ideas to travel amongst humans across widespread geographic boundaries and across civilizations over zillions of years. Words have the uncanny ability to mobilize population, their thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and subsequently actions. Words are the basis of communication among humans and written words are the basis of all civilization and society. Bible, Geeta, Quran and other holy books have served as a guide to lead society from barbarism to civilization, as we know it today. Multiple savants and intellectuals have passed on words of wisdom from their life’s learning and experience to show light to their followers. Political leaders have revolutionized governance and reform by spreading their message and ideas through written words. As much as actions are required for concrete movements and considerable shifts in the way our society functions, more often than not, they are preceded by strong ideologies and beliefs, a set of common fundamental thoughts shared by revolutionaries, shared through powerful words.


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