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The ‘Other’ point of view

How hard we lesser mortals try to play divine? Sometimes blatantly, much to the annoyance of those around us. Many times subtly, subconsciously, oblivious to the effect our godly statements and uncalled for actions have on others.

I can analyze, criticize and judge all I want. But I can’t authoritatively put on record my views as a sacrosanct fact. I was always rational enough to understand this. But I refused to accept someone’s perspective some time back.

Every individual has a unique world view, which might be similar to a few others, but never completely identical to anyone else. So what happens when two different perspectives come across each other? A debate, a discussion; sometimes friendly, sometimes subtle and sometimes livid.  

Both sides try hard to establish their opinion as the ‘correct’ one. Multiple reasons: sometimes one can’t accept that one can be wrong, sometimes one can’t accept that the other can be right, at times its just sheer weight of the fact that there could be an alternate opinion possible. The heat of the discussion depends directly on the degree of narcissism the involved parties suffer from.

Somewhere in the course of life, we all learn to appreciate the ‘other’ point of view, given the various interactions with the diverse population around us. If there is no ego, no narcissism, and no illusion of being the superior being, then why and how everyone, at some point of time, falls in the trap of self-belief of being the wiser one, being the ‘right’ one. I guess this one is directly related to the level of passion involved with the topic of discussion. The problem happens when one strongly believes in the thought and it’s countered. However broad-minded we are, we loose our sense of judgment and close our minds when passion crosses the path in the midst of the perception game.

Isn’t passion important for that much needed punch in life? What happens when the unrestrained zest or passion blocks the mind to any form of new and contradictory ideas? I guess it’s up to each individual to find the right balance and ensure that the mind and life does not end up in a state of stagnation due to deficiency of new ideas or enthusiasm.


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