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Voice of today’s youth

We are young and we are smart. We know our strengths and we know our ambitions. We have usually been shot down, as rash and arrogant. Though we would like to believe that age adds to wisdom, general observation teaches us that age and experience are over rated. We are not stupid; we have our beliefs, our perspectives. It might be different from the world at large; it might align with the general rules of society. But we are not always wrong and others are not always right. We have seen the good and the ugly around us. We have raised our voices sometimes and we have passively observed at times. But we are not tolerant anymore; we will not be quiet anymore.

Individually and together, we have a voice. We want to speak and we want to be heard. We have opinions, we have ideas and we know our collective thoughts account for considerable enough wisdom. We wish to share it with each other, with all who are like us and with the world at large.

We want to make the world a better place to live in; we believe that it’s worth an effort. We wish to bear the fruits of the trees we plant while we are here. Even though we wish to give a beautiful world to our children tomorrow, we don’t wish to spend and end our life cleaning up the mess and not enjoy the orchard. We will act, and we will act fast. The world we know will be better tomorrow, not just for our successors and future generations but for us too.


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