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Living on the edge… of insanity


Some event (not worth writing about) brought my attention to an uncomfortable and sort of dark thought some time back. While browsing my old mail drafts today, I found few lines I wrote while reflecting on the incident. It was an incomplete thought; and I realized that I need more life experience and world exposure for qualifying to create any form of clear explanation or some conclusion which could possibly satisfy me enough to move on from this prickly thought.

 Now that I have a blog, I couldn’t resist publishing it here. The same is as follows:

There exists an inexplicable space between state of absolute insanity and rationality within the mind space of humans. The ones who live in former are known to be easily identifiable and usually found in mental asylums. Everyone else lives somewhere in the middle. With peculiar sets of quirks and whims, everyone floats in the space, alternating between the border lines of two extreme states. Some live close to sanity, some are midway to the other side and few live on the edge of insanity. Last one is a difficult state to be in. While one little push can lead to a slip and fall in a deep dense valley, retrieval back to the other side from this edge requires strength, courage and determination.


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