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Happily ever after?!

An after thought to yesterday’s post on “the thing called love”…

The love mystery deepens further for me with every “happily everafter” story I hear. Why some great love stories do not end with ‘happily everafter’? Some stories continue to include a few moments of separation, pain and longing. Sometimes it is followed by a second ‘The End’, happier with lovers coming back together. Sometimes it ends with disappointment with one of them moving on in life while the other struggling. And I wonder, what can possibly go wrong that the ‘eternal’ lovers separate and move on with bitterness in their hearts that were once filled with tender love and care. What could possibly make an Amir Khan or a Saif Ali Khan leave his wife and move on with another younger girl? How could even Lord Rama fall for the trap and question the love and loyalty of his devoted wife Sita? How could he leave her to wander alone in the jungles with their unborn babies?

“Happily ever after” comes with its set of short stories, which sometimes transform into tales of tragedy and sometimes into short chapters of epics of love. And I, as audience of epic love stories and tragedies, sit back and wonder once again at my inability to understand the enigma called love.


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