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Whatever happened to the chivalry?!


‘Chauvinism is the root of chivalry’, said one of my male friends while leaving me behind, alone on a road at 11:30 in the night and sitting in the first auto that stopped in front of us. I agree. I didn’t expect him to be chivalrous, I just expected him to show some care and courtesy as a friend. And the fact still remains that I was actually at a higher risk standing alone at 11:30 in the night at a road which is about 5 minute walk from a known pick-up point. Anyways, I felt safe given that I was in Mumbai on a crowded road with plenty of autos around.

The question here is not the safety of women versus the independence they seek. The question is also not about the upliftment of women in the progressing world. The question pertains to the bias and prejudice we live with. Have we changed our mindsets with the fast-moving world? Have we become more open to paradigms that contradict our existing models? Have men become more open and fair in their treatment of women, who they consider inferior to themselves? Have men become more open-minded or simply made little tweaking in their statements for their convenience?


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