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double standards!!


Our society is seriously plagued by double standards. They are so intensely ingrained in the fabric of our social order that they have assumed the role of the “right” set of rules. They run so deep that majority of us don’t even bother to question them anymore as something unpleasant or unjust. It’s a tragedy that we still vigorously believe and firmly support the rules that encourage unfair treatment. Ironically, the factions subject to injustice are the ones primarily responsible for its promotion; they quietly follow the standards defined for them by others.

As the times change and society progress, there is more awareness and more questions against primitive thoughts that stand irrelevant in current times. Having said that, we cannot deny that today’s reality is not very different from yesterday; situation is yet to improve. And this brings us to unfortunate crossroads, where the new generation is challenging the older ones to question them why and how.

I wonder if the resistance is strong enough to force a substantial majority to open their eyes to the infection spread across our society.


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