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It seems like I am finally getting there. The crazy child and the arrogant youth have finally learnt to slow down. I have finally learnt the importance of life in harmony with the rest. In my arrogance of the restless youth, I found it difficult to accept any rule of life taught to me without processing it through my own sense of logic. More often than not, any statement not backed by sound reasoning would fail to convince me. And I would be left with an amused feeling about the sensibilities of the elder and the more experienced who fail to see an obvious absence of pattern in their argument.

However, now I am beginning to understand the underlying logic behind everything, everything that I challenged. I wonder if I have just lost the strength as a person to stand for my beliefs or grown wiser to understand and appreciate the other side. I don’t know if it’s the easier or the wiser option to accept than try to rebel.

I guess, sometimes it’s just better to accept the uncomfortable truth then to resist with the quintessential arrogance of a human.


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