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Side effects of unemployment

Side effects of unemployment, especially for single girls…

1) First and foremost, as everyone would have rightly guessed, pressure to get married… and I mean really high levels of stress suffered by parents… oh and their unhappiness! 😦

2) Domestication… work and lots of work… domestic work… and an even higher expectation… boring work… work that one is highly incapable of doing… obviously it includes cooking!

3) This one is really really difficult… attendance, unwanted I may add, at all the random family functions, distant relatives’ weddings, anniversary, engagement etc… that has a looong list of perils that can take a lifetime to account!

4) Expectation to look groomed and pretty with all the necessary fancy Indian clothes and jewelry… now which is an okay expectation for most… but a really difficult and unreasonable for not-so-pretty and not-so-feminine girls… and this phrase is an understatement for some gals like me!

5) Undesired invitation to kitchen politics and discussion… useless topics being discussed randomly between neighbours or relatives or maids or whoever… that keep falling onto your ears unexpectedly anytime anywhere… and oh, how unwanted and painfully annoying some of them are!


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