Posted in Mumbai

My wonderland


Mumbai, the city of dreams, attracts the ambitious and the dreamers from across the country hoping to achieve their aspirations. The city by the sea welcomes them all with open arms; in its vastness and diversity each finds a place. Millions come with deep desire and a burning fire inside; most fizzle out due to its coldness, many by its harsh realities, some swallowed by the dark secrets of its alleys and some lost forever in its vastness and depths but all learn how to live. Mumbai shows you all aspects of life.

The city makes you immune to the reality shocks. The diversity within the city and its people tend to surprise at first. But very soon the realization draws in that it’s exactly what defines Mumbai. All are, however, united by one emotion, desire. It calls and welcomes anyone and everyone who is greedy, who is selfish, and who wants to make his life worthwhile.

I lived there for a while and I miss it now. I call Mumbai my wonderland.


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