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Diplomacy is an extremely important trait to survive in this world. It’s almost a necessity in professional environment; and a good-to-have in personal life. And that right there is my biggest weakness. I can be tactful but hardly ever politically correct. My usual solution to any difficult diplomatic situation has always been silence. If I can’t say the uncomfortable truth, I just stay quiet. In moments of impulse, however, I utter things I shouldn’t.

As much as I love being honest, I can’t deny that my blatant comments at times tend to get curt and rude. And I realized today what a strong potential it has to hurt people. Earlier I lived in the fallacy that lack of diplomatic skills can only be inconvenient to me; I might appear foolish or impolite and end up being unpopular. I can live with that comfortably. It doesn’t make too much difference to my life if people think I am not smart enough or sweet enough. Today, however, I saw something else in the eyes of the recipient; not anger or hatred, but disappointment and pain. I hurt someone because I blurted out what I thought was an obvious fact without giving a moment’s thought to the other’s feelings.

This thought is nagging me since then; it’s pricking me like a tiny speck of thorn stuck in my skin. I can’t help but wonder if I should learn to say the right thing, at least when I am with people I care about.


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