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Distorted opinions


I think that most of our generation follows the definition of morals, ethics, duties, responsibilities etc from movies and TV and live in distorted perception of their reality and society. I have rarely seen anyone putting their brains to action and come up with a rational explanation for why they believe in what they believe in; that includes almost everyone, even people who are close to me and I care about. I usually fail to make them see the other point of view and the varied perspectives that are backed by rationale. I wonder if my communication abilities are really bad or my logics are silly and unreasonable. I like to believe that I am right; and the conventional ideas are so deeply ingrained that people are repelled by anything against that. I can’t deny that I might be wrong but I like to get a justification for that.

So usually, I end up with perspectives which are defined as radical or ridiculous by people in general, since a lot of them tend to contradict with the typically accepted norms. And therefore, over the years I have observed a basic gap in everyone’s definition of reality and mine. I learned to stay quiet and not voice my opinions which were too alien for people’s appetite. I believed everyone has a right to live with personal set of opinions. So why argue? This also relieved me of the tension to articulate my thoughts appropriately so as to communicate with people.

However, I have recently developed an appreciation for the social interdependencies that exist in the environment we live in which I tried to ignore ever since I can remember. I can’t always stay averse to communication and socialization, howsoever unwilling or unable I might be.

And now, as always whenever I sit and wonder, I am in a state of utter chaos.


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