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The Great


Some are born great; some have greatness thrust upon them. I didn’t write that line; I heard it in a movie. I wasn’t sure if I believed in it; but the more I look around me, the more I tend to believe it. All great people were not born with the ambition they later adopted in their lives. But all great people seized the opportunity right when it was presented to them. And that’s what made them great.

It’s not about capabilities you are born with; it’s about stretching your capabilities to the absolute maximum possible. It’s not about being at the right place at the right time; it’s about knowing that you are at a right place at a right time. It’s not about destiny; it’s about realizing that you make your own destiny. It’s not about being born genius; it’s about finding an ambition in this life and nurturing it to the point of pinnacle. It’s not about working hard; it’s about striving for excellence with perseverance.

Greatness is not always offered to a selected set of individuals on a golden platter as a God gift. Greatness is usually vigorously snatched by these set of individuals. And therefore, not everyone, howsoever capable, can be ‘great’. There was only one ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. There is only one ‘Sachin Tendulkar’. There is only one ‘A R Rehman’. The list will go on if we start pointing out names from different fields. And in most cases, we won’t be able to go beyond one name. No matter how many competent individuals exist in a field, we will find that there is one name that stands tall, above all others. And that name knows ‘excellence’; that name defines ‘greatness’; that name eventually achieves what we call ‘glory’.

This is not just philosophy; these are not just words; these are lessons of history. Time and this world stand witness to this; all we need to do is look back and study the great men and women who have walked the earth.


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