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Why do people still shout on STD calls?


Why do people still shout on STD calls??!!!

Back in the non-mobile days, making an STD call was a serious effort. Either one has to pay heavily for STD connection on landline phones or go to a PCO and make the call. A few years before that, even with the STD facility, callers had to “book” a “trunk” call with operators for inter state calls. More often than not the connection and voice clarity would be very poor. The duration of the call was also fixed. It made the users in those times hyper and impatient. As a process, everyone will ensure that communication is quick and important points are covered within the first two minutes; the pleasantries could be exchanged later and in short phrases. To compensate for voice clarity, people would shout and scream on the top of their voices. Everyone around was able to overhear the conversation. But that was then.

Now we have mobile phones. Everyone can make an STD call with no effort whatsoever. No waiting time to connect call, no fixed call length and no clarity issues. Mobile has made life unbelievably convenient. For important news or festival greetings, one can just send an SMS. The technology has evolved and the communication is faster. But the habits remain. The people from that generation, the ones who come from the times of ‘trunk call’, still shout! It has been defined in their system that an STD call requires loud volume. It has been set as a reflex action in their mind. The moment they are told it’s an STD call, the volume reaches its loudest possible; while the next minute they will be talking on a local number from the same phone, in a perfectly normal volume.

Would someone please tell them they don’t need to bother their vocal cords any more? This is a mobile phone, the call duration is not limited, the connection is clear and the voice clarity is just fine!


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