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awara rahi gumshuda…


I first heard this song when I was watching the movie. It lingered for a long time in my mind. I loved the movie and loved this song even more. I never remembered the exact lyrics or the tune because I never heard this song on radio or TV promos and my laptop those days was suffering from a serious stroke of old age which ensured a deficit of recently launched music. But the song stayed somewhere at the back of my mind as something interesting.

I remembered it was kind of soft and subtle music with very simple and straight lyrics. I didn’t remember the singer clearly. I remembered that the song sounded pretty well with the visuals used in the movie. I recalled it was a hummable song, unlike a lot of Hindi movie songs those days. I knew I liked that song and I wanted it on my playlist asap. But I got busy with work soon after. And it went somewhere at the bottom of the priority list and subsequently out of my mind. Once in a while I would remember it vaguely, but was never able to recall the song properly.

Day before yesterday, I was surfing the net and as usual itunes was playing songs on shuffle. Another song from this movie started playing and the long pending wish came back to me. I was craving to hear that song again. I didn’t remember the lyrics to search on net; but I knew the movie. I found the song and waited impatiently while it downloaded. As soon as it played, I had this feeling of utter relief running down my system. I finally heard it and now I have it in my playlist to hear whenever I want to. It’s an extremely simple and subtle song and has a kind of an old world charm to it. It is on top of my recently played songs since the past two days and there are no signs of it going away in the coming days, at least for another week.

Following are the details of this lovely song:

Song: Awara rahi gumshuda; Movie: Dasvidaniya; Music Director: Kailash; Lyrics: Kailash; Singer: Sonu Nigam


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