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side effects of social or economic ‘systems’


I was switching channels yesterday when I came across an interesting documentary that discussed capitalism and the adverse measures some institutions resorted to in an attempt to make some money. It immediately caught my attention like most documentaries. But I was disgusted with it in about 15 minutes and switched off the TV. One of the attempts to make money included wasting lives of kids by putting them away in juvenile centers or some kind of child care centers for months for minor and innocent offences. I couldn’t bear to watch more of it. And I wonder what is the ultimate abyss that some institutions are willing to reach just to make a little bit more money?


After thoughts…

I saw the repeat of this movie today. It is much ado about nothing. The movie simply focuses on few corrupt individuals, part of some influential section of the machinery, working out of personal greed. It highlights certain sub plots or twists designed by some smart individuals and misused by a few others.

I find it unjustified to reject a complete economic system on that basis. Individual humans are prone to malice and greed. It’s not difficult for some to find ways and means to misuse any system and corrupt any fine working machinery for personal advantage. And I cannot say with complete certainty which economic system promotes or curbs human corruption.

Any social, civic or economic system is eventually designed and followed by humans. They can be based on any scientific models or advanced intellectual studies but they can not exist in perfection of paper. No scientific or statistic model can predict the human behaviour when made to live in a system. There would always be law breakers, hackers or opportunists. The ultimate problem with any social system is the basic fact that its foundation, pillars, walls and every element are eventually made up of humans… multitude of humans who can’t be controlled in one fixed or defined rhythm.


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