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Is that it??


A terrorist organization kills thousands of innocent people and spread terror. After a decade long search operation, their leader is killed. And all news channels are full of celebration and claims of how justice is finally served. Is that it? Seriously?

Is this really justice? The death of leader is a huge blow for the terrorist organization. No doubt about that. But the organization survives; the ideologies survive; the sense of extreme hatred survives. How does that end?

Aren’t we promoting barbarism? Blood for blood! He killed our citizens; we will kill him. They killed our leader; we will kill their citizens again. This sense of revenge and misplaced concept of justice is exactly why wars are fought and innocent people die.

May be I am hoping for utopia. So be it! I am only human; I dream and I hope. I will always dream of a perfect world and world peace. I don’t know how it can be achieved or if it can be achieved ever. But I can always hope for it. Perhaps some day I will find a way to contribute in some way.


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