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the latest trend in education

Some article I recently read mentions that 75% of the technical graduates and more than 85% of the general graduates in India are unemployable. This has started a new trend amongst the entrepreneurs and educators. Private organizations serving the purpose of finishing schools are springing up everywhere. These organizations develop specialized programs to provide training to ‘unemployable’ graduates.

Given the positive impact on young workforce of India and the obvious big need in the market, it’s a noble thought and a wise business venture. However, it comes with its own set of side effects.

Gradually, more and more students will start taking these courses as a standard after graduation; something like the universally accepted need of the engineering and MBA entrance coaching centers all across the country. Every 11th and 12th standard science student by default joins the coaching centers these days; and most of the final year commerce graduate students are found in the coaching centers for MBA entrance preparation. The height of absurdity struck me when I found out that a family friend sent away their son to a different city for two years to prepare for engineering entrance who gave his school exams through correspondence!

And now a similar trend is gradually shaping up in the requirement of a finishing school or specialized training institutions. As an unpleasant side effect, this trend will create additional round of qualification added to the name of the graduates that recruiters will prefer and students will desire, which will ultimately dump additional study pressure on students and financial pressure on parents.

It’s vague right now to comment how this trend is going to impact the future of educated society in India. It could be really positive or extremely futile. It might strengthen the educated workforce in India or it might just end up as a capitalist scheme to make money with little contribution.


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