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Why why?

Why are humans so curious? Or is it just me? I wonder why some absolutely pointless and futile questions bubble up every once in a while and why I stay restless until I find an answer? A good number of questions are relatively easy to answer, primarily because of google and wikipedia. But the real nuisance is this set of questions that have no clear answers on internet or even books. There are various interpretations and discussions among scholars and savants; but no certain answers. A few of these questions have troubled many over the years; the ones pertaining to life, death and the resulting existential angst have bothered almost everyone at some point of time in their lives ever since the mankind has existed. These questions have multitude of answers suitable to each individual; each needs to explore outside and introspect within for a satisfying answer. I have been restless for years and I am still searching for my answers. The eerie thing is that one of the questions that sometimes bother me is why question at all? Why am I so curious? Why can’t I just stop wondering, stop questioning and live peacefully?


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