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Sometimes I wonder if the whole world operates on some bizarre random basis. There are no patterns or grand plans of the universe; a lot of what happens is without reason or any just cause. And this is primarily because world is not just about a piece of earth but a group of about 6.7 bn individual human beings. That many human brains are in action, every single moment; that many ambitions and dreams are suspended in the air, often in conflict with multiple others. No wonder there is envy, greed, anger and wars.

How do humans stay contented in this chaos? I guess everyone struggles to find one’s own peace; everyone strives for contentment in one’s own way. It’s a marvel how people can manage to retain their sanity around here. In an attempt to maintain a fine balance between the demands of the external environment and the inner turmoil, most of us end up oscillating somewhere between the two extreme ends of sanity and lunacy. All of us are prone to fall in the dark and deep valley of insanity with just one blow, the intensity of which varies with the personal strength of each individual’s mental faculties.


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