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What’s real?


More often than not, human relationships and interactions are pretentious and fake, meant to fit in the definitions taught and accepted at large. I wonder if we really feel true and honest emotions anymore, the kind they talk about in movies and books. Or is it just me?


I find this trend especially widespread in societies like that of India where community and society takes over individuals, resulting in a set of accepted rules for a supposedly good life that dominates personal sensibilities. If anyone has trouble understanding or following the rules, they simply wear a mask for the world and pretend. Or is the trend universal? Do other parts of the world suffer from similar pretensions?


Sometimes, I find myself disillusioned with my sense of self and my understanding of the world. What’s real and what’s fake? What do you mean by the words ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? Isn’t the concept of reality just a trick played by our mind? Isn’t ‘morals’ just an organized form of deception created by some highly intelligent humans in the ancient era and augmented by shrewd humans in the modern times, all in an attempt to rule and manipulate the mass public opinion?


I don’t have answers to any of the above. But I have now lost faith in my comprehension of reality. The entire civil society structure is the grandest trick ever conjured by mere mortals. The whole world works on concepts and ideas which are pure delusions. In the midst of it all, I sit back every once in a while and wonder what’s real.



One thought on “What’s real?

  1. thought provoking. simple answer. the society at large needs people to function according to some rules. everything needs a well oiled machinery. so the rules and norms were created in the past by the rulers so that people may follow and let leaders lead peacefully. with time, they have ingrained into our fabric so much that we dont even question them.

    again. my humble opinion. could be wrong.

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