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people trouble


Sometimes I wonder if population size is the main cause for all the major problems with our country. With almost 1.2 bn people, India is on the verge of a tragic explosion. The number of people walking within these boundaries keep on increasing and the resources required for these many people to survive are limited and on a regular decline. The people end up fighting for every little or big thing… land, water, food, jobs… anything and everything becomes scarce when the contenders keep on adding to the list. As a result, there is so much competition, fights of envy, frauds, thefts and crime prevalent everywhere. Everyone is in a hurry; everyone is hungry. The ones with killer instinct manage to fight their way to a better life while most just end up struggling their whole lives. The struggle of survival is almost torturous in this environment. As I reflect back on the chaos, I secretly hope that the future of our country is beautiful and someday we will find a way out of this jinx to live peacefully and harmoniously.


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