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Alcohol, cigarette and morals


Many a times I find myself baffled with some of the unwritten but widely-accepted rules prevalent in our society. Everyone follows it; everyone frowns on those who don’t follow it; and no one really knows why.

One of the most controversial of these rules is regarding the consumption of alcohol and cigarette. Why is it frowned upon so much?

There are only two conditions when I find this inappropriate.

1)    public smoking, as it is highly inconvenient to innocent non-smokers who are forced to inhale smoke that could be injurious to their health

2)    excessive drinking, as the unrestrained senses sometimes result in unacceptable, immoral and anti-social acts, at times directed against innocent members of society. 

Other than above, I don’t see a reason behind making it a moral question. The two are injurious to health but so is cheese or oil or street junk food. Let it be the decision of each individual what one wants to do with one’s health and how one wants to live.

A bigger question that bothers me is why it is frowned upon more for women. Alcohol and cigarette are harmful for both men and women. Why is it made a bigger moral dilemma for women?

What do morals have to do with alcohol or cigarette consumption anyway? And why is it all the more prohibitive for women? As long as you are not hurting anyone, why does it matter? Its personal consumption and therefore personal choice!

I feel like an uneducated fool for not being able to understand this. Am I missing something? Why the big moral question?



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