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Rimjhim Gire Sawan

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning with the loud door bangs, rattling windows and heavy tapping on the window panes. The room was filled with a light aroma of wet earth. I knew the signs and an instant smile spread across my face. I immediately ran outside to the balcony door; it was raining cats and dogs. The downpour had blurred the entire view; heavy gushes of wind added to the effect. The trees were swaying wildly, the plastic chairs were dragged all the way to the end railings, every piece of item kept even within the covered area of balcony was drenched and the fragrance of wet earth was everywhere. To add to the magic, little droplets of rainwater flew all the way to where I was standing and indulged me with their soft gentle touch. It was raining!! Yae yae!!

I took my seat on the sofa across the door with complete outside view and opened my laptop to fulfill my secret pact with my itunes; we welcome the first rains every year with a session of rainy songs starting with “rimjhim gire sawan” by Kishor Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. While I created a playlist of some of my all time favourites, the rain gradually got lighter and the visibility increased. I took a little stroll in the balcony, enjoying the scenery and light drizzling. The trees were now waving lightly with the cool breeze; the taller ones meeting the grey sky in a happy embrace. Yellow flowers in the midst of cluster of trees provided the pleasant color and highlights to the landscape. The roads, sidewalks, old buildings and parked cars were all washed away with the rainwater; everything was brighter and prettier. The soothing green and blue are the colours of this beautiful day.

While I found myself lost in the beauty of the nature on this day, I sat down to write this. Never before had I struggled harder with words. I just couldn’t find the right words to describe the beauty of that scene in front of me and the delight that filled my heart. This I all I could manage for now.


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