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adjust… pls

People say life is unfair. No one is ever granted every wish or desire of the desperate heart. Some cry, some sulk and very few fight. What I never understand is why some resign while a few others fight. What motivates one to keep fighting against society, family, friends or world at large. What makes many resign? Is it simply because some are more courageous or more ambitious?

This baffles me even more about Indians. As a culture, we believe in the word ‘adjust’ or ‘compromise’ a little more than required. Why? Perhaps because we have traditionally been a society of joint family, where community, family or society is given priority over individuals; the concept of self is somewhat misunderstood or understated here. We grow up with concept of compromise for the benefit of family or society.

And now I find myself lost in the arbitrary definitions of morals. Why sometimes I hesitate to take even a simple step like saying hello to someone or ask for something which is rightfully my due? Why sometimes I fight even with the highest of authorities or most immovable and rigid individuals? I wonder.


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