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back after a hiatus…

I haven’t written for a while now. Life has been keeping me busy. There are multiple thoughts hovering around my head for the past one month demanding my attention and time. Most are unfinished quick thoughts; some have vanished in thin air after being neglected for so long and a few are still here and waiting to be transferred on paper.

Finally, the long weekend allowed me enough time to just take it easy and focus on pending list of important to-do items, including writing. And when I finally sat down to write about this past month in Mumbai and zillions of other things swarming my brain, I feel kind of clueless on where to start from.

Life changed beyond belief the day I entered Mumbai. I have been here less than a month and it feels like an eternity. Even though I am in a new job with new set of people around me, nothing really feels much different from my previous stint in Mumbai. It’s like I have gone back a year. Last one year was fun, easy, lazy and laidback. Last one month has been totally opposite with crazy hectic schedule. I don’t regret either of the decisions; life and people have treated me well enough.

Earlier I had more time to write but now I have more inspiration. The vibrant lifestyle allows more experiences packed in a day and more thoughts to ponder on. Ironically the same lifestyle is also responsible for losing the thread of ideas because of little time available to write. So I have decided to take out some time every day to write. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps because writing is uncannily therapeutic.



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