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Sparrows and Crows

I love early mornings. Everything is gorgeous. Color of the sky… birds chirping away… little cool breeze… mesmerizing beauty… that inexplicable divine feeling that embrace my whole being. It feels like anything is possible; like today is going to be an amazing day. But of course, as soon as the day begins, things change and moods change. The impatient wait for the maids, the worry of getting late for office, the monotony of daily household chores, the thought of another painful day at office etc etc. Perhaps that’s why I love those early 10-15 min of the morning when I just get up, look outside, feel the beauty of the moment and take few deep breaths. Every time I visit a new place, one of the most important things on my agenda is always an early morning walk. That’s the best time to see any place, city or town or village, mountains or rivers or sea.

I always strive to get up early in the morning, whatever be the time I had slept last night. And I usually manage pretty well. I am mostly out of bed between 6 to 7. Today, it was a couple of minutes before 6. My early morning stretched by a few minutes and I am happy.

But today morning, I saw a slightly disturbing sight. By itself, there wasn’t anything wrong or peculiar about it. But in the context of a thought and conversation I had a few days back, this was fairly disturbing. Today morning when I opened my window wide open and looked outside, the first thing I saw was a crow sitting on my windowsill. I still remember the early mornings in Delhi when little sparrows used to be scattered around my terrace and the park outside my house. I don’t see the little birds anymore. Not in the mornings; not in the day time. Not in Mumbai; not in Delhi. Sparrows are rare sight now. That is unfortunate. During a conversation, a friend appraised me of the fact that its primarily because the natural habitat of sparrows are getting vanished in cities, especially Mumbai; crows, on the other hand, thrive on garbage. And hence, we see crows all around us and no sparrows. We have turned our city, our home, into a big garbage dump which crows live on. And we have killed trees and open residential spaces which are needed by sparrows to survive.

The thought that followed was this analogy of good v/s evil and endearing v/s malicious. We have ensured that sparrows become extinct and crows continue to thrive. Sparrows, the symbol of amiability, friendliness and sweetness, are gone; while crows, the symbol of evil, are flourishing. And we have made it happen. We made it difficult for good to survive and for evil to thrive.

And the same is true in workplaces, corporates and societies. Our changing environment has allowed crows to survive and sparrows to vanish. We have created garbage in our minds and thought process and allowed it to spread and infect everyone around; gradually killing positivity and friendliness and promoting negativity and bitterness. More people now believe in revenge and not forgiveness. More people now believe in crushing the competitor over striving to do better. More people believe in survival tactics over making an effort to excel. More people are now incredulous, less amiable, exude indifference over warmth, and hate more than love.

This is the world we have created for us; this is the world we are living in and this is the world we are leaving behind for our children. I am deeply disturbed. Even more disturbed by the fact that instead of doing anything productive, I take the easy route of writing this to vent out. And that’s it. Perhaps someday I will be able to figure out a way to change this… change my lazy and cowardly approach to things that disturb me about my home and my world… change the attitude of those around me… change (maybe) the world I live in, for the better.


An after thought…

Just when I finished writing it and got up to stand next to the window.. A pretty cute yellow bird I have never seen before flew by, right in front of me.. It was like some divine intervention.. Like someone up there is telling me, dude, Just chill.. don’t get over dramatic.. There is still hope.. There are a few friendly birds left to spread the cheer around



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