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Faith is a gift


Faith is a gift and I am yet to receive it! Heard this dialogue in a movie once and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I am not an atheist but I am not a believer either. I am skeptic or perhaps I am rational. I don’t know if there is a supreme power that exists up there somewhere. I don’t know if miracles happen. I don’t know if prayers are heard and if wishes travel through time and space.

But how desperately I wish that there was magic and that miracles could happen just by the wish of a sincere heart. I always believed in the magic of nature. The twinkling stars, the silky moonlight and the sparkling sea… they tell me that miracles happen. When a fluttering butterfly passes through my window and when I see raindrops falling from nowhere in particular, I believe in magic.

How I wish and hope that there is magic and I learn to sincerely believe in it!




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