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I saw a beautiful woman today. She must be in her 60s. I have never before seen a woman that old and that beautiful. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would look even 1% as graceful and gorgeous as her when I am that age. And this followed an uncomfortable thought… I am less than 1% of her even today. I really felt like walking up to her and tell her ‘maam, you are gorgeous’. And I wonder just how many men would have killed for her one look. Her skin so soft; her hair so long and heavy; her eyes so lovely; and her smile so warm.

After spending some more time there I realized maybe why she is still so beautiful. Because she was careful, fussy and demanding. After her pedicure was done, she was waiting, I think, for her driver. And she looked down at her nails carefully for at least ten minutes. Then called the girl who was earlier attending to her and said ‘this is wrong, the nail of my toe is not filed properly’. The girl looked a little confounded. Then the senior girl was called and she replied, ‘okay mam, I will correct it’. After little scrutiny, it was analyzed and identified that nail of her toe was slightly slanted to one side, which most people will not even notice. She asked me ‘doesn’t this look ugly?’ And I immediately replied, ‘actually no’. Anything about her just didn’t fit in the word ugly. And then she continued fretting about it. She then told the girl to shape it evenly with all other nails. So the girl removed nail polish from all nails, filed them all over again and put nail polish again. You get what you want if, and usually only if, you ask for it.

What you are born with cannot be changed. But you can groom yourself and influence the way you look. Beauty requires effort, money and discipline. If you want result, you have to tend to yourself and ask for it. And then I wondered do I really want to make that effort just to look good. Why does the outside appearance matter? Well this question of mine has been answered enough number of times in my life. But still I am not convinced enough to make an effort. Or maybe I am just lazy and trying to justify and rationalize my own lack of discipline.



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