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Ephemeral or simply non-existent

They say beauty is ephemeral; beauty is transient. And there are the artists, poets, writers, musicians, painters who place enormous emphasis on beauty; beauty is inspiration. They are all wrong… and they are all right.

Beauty is an idea… a concept… a part of our vivid imagination. Something that moves our senses to the extent of triggering an emotional reaction is tagged as beauty. Yet, it is not real; it is not tangible. Beauty is non-existent. Nothing is beautiful or ugly. These are just different arrangement of a zillion tiny particles in each object, living or non-living. No one is beautiful or ugly. Nothing is beautiful or ugly. These words are notions of our mind, enhanced by the pressure from society and culture. Beauty is not the trait of the object. Beauty is a perception of the observer.

Some wise man once said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. It took me all these years to truly understand the meaning.


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