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Unadulterated life of Fireflies

What if life is not supposed to have any purpose? What if we are supposed to just eat, breathe and die? In case we are born again… then again eat, breathe and die. Nothing else really matters. I wonder if the concept of society and culture has destroyed life and the simple joy of living.

Fireflies have a good life. There is no concept of territory or possessions or culture. They are born; attract and fly away to their mate that resonates with them; lay eggs for new life to be born; and die. Simple… pure… unadulterated. No conscious brain to interfere with the life cycle or some imaginary ‘true life calling’. They simply follow the light; and they always reach the right one. Their life is true and real.

That flickering of lights you see, that game of love, that celebration of life… that is reality.

Sometimes I wish I could also migrate to one of those jungles and live under the stars… where resides the truth… where exists the soul in its purest form… where I belong.

My soul is that of a wanderer; and my heart restless.



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