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From dream to reality

What if one day you find out that you are actually a robot and we kept it a secret from you, making you believe that you are a human? What will you do?

What if I tell you I am the one pulling your strings? I decided your life, every moment of it. And then I thought now is the time you meet your creator? You are the character in my latest book. I decided to let the story take its own shape. So I would tell the character and let him decide the next steps, just for fun. And then if I don’t like where he is going, I will pull it back, roll the dice, change the plot and bring you back in my control.

What if someday you do something spontaneous and unplanned which confused the robot mind? What if one Monday morning, you wake up and see that you are sitting in a meadow with a beautiful lake in front of you and snow-clad mountains in the distance? The robot is not able to comprehend what happened. Your body was supposed to be in the city and you were supposed to be running for office. You force yourself to believe that it must be a dream. The moment you say that to yourself, you are back in the city, in your concrete and glass house. You force your reality to adhere to your thought. And make yourself believe that reality was actually just a dream. Do you get confused if the meadow was a dream or the city?


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