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And the money keeps rolling

A dating app sent me a notification recently. ‘Unsingle. You are too old to be single anyway!

I smiled. I thought it was funny. Perhaps that’s what they intended. The next moment, I was irritated. Who gave them a right to judge my life choices? And who gave them an authority to decide a right age for being single or committed? And I smiled again. At least it was smart advertising. They managed to create a sense of urgency for the user to act. But, they also managed to bring down her spirit just before she decides to meet new and interesting men. I couldn’t help but wonder the repercussions of unthoughtful and insensitive advertising messages.

I wonder if this message could have a negative impact on other women. This message could make her feel insecure and embarrassed. She takes an action, signs up in a hurry and decides to go out with a man, any man who would say yes since now she is feeling inadequate. She gets her heart broken subsequently because she is going to a man from a place of insecurity. She comes back to the app to look for another man and another heart break. She gives the app owners a count for their active user base, uses their new features and sees more ads. Life moves on. She remains where she is. And the money keeps rolling.


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