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Beware of the halo


Do good and forget it. We grew up listening to the metaphors and stories of selfless acts. We were taught, ’be selfless’ and ‘don’t cash in the act of goodness’. We remember the phrases and idioms but not the lesson. Most of us don’t remember. There are very few evolved beings that are able to practice it with a purity that can’t be defined by language.

We have evolved to be selfish. We are designed to think about self for self-preservation and promotion. There is no judgment here. It’s an important trait that allowed us to survive… that allowed us to reach this evolved state where our brains have the capability to contemplate this and all other abstract things like this.

The problem is when selfless becomes a state of achievement… when selfless becomes a desired label… when goodness is measured, appreciated and rewarded. Selfless is not a natural state for most of us. It probably is for a few evolved beings. But for most of us, either the idea is unnatural, revolting or simply aspirational. Whether or not we accept it in public but being good is not always just about being good. It’s about being acknowledged as good.

We are seeking a halo. We are seeking applause and approval. In that sense we are no different from many others who are a part of the rat race and seek materialistic rewards and strive to stay ahead in a competitive environment. The difference with these set of individuals is that we are standing on a different stage on a different pedestal performing different acts in front of the same audience hoping for more love and higher accolades for being good.

Do good and forget it. Be aware of the sense of pride and arrogance… and kill it as soon as it appears. Beware of the fake halo.

Do good and forget it. When you expect to be acknowledged and appreciated, then you have taken more. You are not a giver anymore. You have turned it into a transaction… the gratitude in return for the positive energy. This is worse than doing good for a favour. Because you are not even aware of your intentions.


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