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Black. He replied. I asked someone yesterday during a casual conversation, “What’s your color?” His answer surprised me at first. His next statement put things in perspective for me. “Black Black. And really black. Jet black. Black so black it’s black to the core.” He is an Apple fan and has been waiting for iPhone 7.

Anyhow, after the initial shock of first 2 seconds, I wondered why did I get shocked. The first thought was the association of black with evil or sadness or darkness. And in the very next second, after reference to iPhone, I remembered all other associations with Black… elegance, richness, beauty.

Even I have been a fan of Black. Other than Indigo, most of my wardrobe is Black. All my electronics are Black. My favorite automobile color is Black.

Black is beautiful. Black is not the absence of light. Black absorbs all colors of light and reflects none. Black is the love and harmony of all colors.

Black feels more natural and real than any other color. White and all other colors are interpretation of eyes depending on their wavelength. Colors are the play of light. Black is what resides behind all the illusion.

His answer created another challenge for me. Before I asked him this question, I had planned to make a painting in his color as a gift. Now I had to paint Black! It’s an especially difficult problem for amateurs like me who usually rely on the magic of colors to create an aesthetic appeal for simple paintings.

I decided to give it a try using watercolors on white paper. I cheated to include White color in the paintings to create shades of Grey. Only Black felt like ‘just a sketch’. My limited talent doesn’t yet allow me to create amazing monochrome watercolor paintings.

After two hours of research, planning and pre-work, I ended up with three white papers with ugly black blobs. I was about to give up; but in a sudden moment of inspiration, I decided to finish what I started, even if it meant changing the original concept I had in mind. This time I decided to not walk out on a piece of art because of negative evaluation and judgment by monsters in my mind.


Here are the five paintings I created using Black and White in the last two days.

Flowers in moonlight with a star-studded Sky


Wild Flowers in Black


A night sky full of stars


Starry dark night in a deep Jungle


Black to the core



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