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Bunch of flowers

I am enamored by flowers and the beautiful hues they bring to a landscape. Sometimes they appear as multiple tiny dots in a sea of green; sometimes one flower with the brightest shade demands attention; and sometimes they are just little drops of color somewhere in the background. Most often the beauty is lost in the wide view. Rarely do we stop to contemplate and admire the intricate patterns, shapes and colors of the flowers.

Flowers are the most common doodles, sketches and paintings I have been making ever since I was a child. And I can’t seem to get over it.

Here are a couple of my latest attempts.

The unexpected sight of a bunch of flowers hanging out through the windows and terrace gardens always bring a smile.

Bunch of flowers


Flowers through the window

I love the little game of hide and seek flowers sometimes play buried in the bushes and plants.

Flowers peeking through plants

Happy flowers dancing in the breeze

Happy flowers

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