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The Purple Moon

Purple is a very fascinating color to me. The hues from the Purple family have the uncanny ability to evoke emotions on both sides of the spectrum.

A little extra Blue can create a cold and dark place. A little more Red can make it warm and at times cheerful.

When used densely packed in a small space, Purple brings in a feeling of heaviness. The twilight Purple feels light and breezy.

Purple is royal and rich; Purple sometimes reminds of material wealth. Purple is also sweet surrender; being enveloped in soft Purple can be strangely comforting and feel closer to divine.

I love the Green of trees and Blue of sky. But when I spot Purple, I jump up with excitement… as if it’s a rare color that decided to make a special appearance for me. The twilight sky, that rare flower, the mountain shadows in the distance… Purple is everywhere but I still wait for it to show itself.

As I look up at the moon and the night sky, I wonder about colors, especially Purple. How life would change if rays of light behaved differently!

My mind conjures up vivid images and my imagination runs wild. I see moon as a pot of magic potion flowing down upon us and spreading colors through the world. What if moon was Purple and it starts overflowing. Gradually the color spreads through sky softly and falls on trees to turn leaves Purple like tiny flowers peeking out of a very Green landscape. The Purple then flows away with rivers and springs. I cannot spot the horizon anymore. I cannot see the difference between the sky and the water. It’s a medley of Purple and Blue. The trees are dotted with Purple flowers. The moon sits above us all like the creator of this very surreal image.

The Purple Moon.

FullSizeRender 27.jpg
The Purple Moon

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