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A common mistake we make in love


What do you think about when you think about love?

What do you pray for when you pray for love?


Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!


I learnt an interesting lesson about love during a trip to one of my dream destinations. It might sound obvious enough but most of us make this common mistake anyway.

Ever since I can remember, I had fancied Cherapunjee, a small town in Meghalaya widely considered the place with most rainfall in the world. It was one of my dream destinations. I love rains and I love mountains. I don’t know when but sometime as a kid I remember reading that somewhere far away in the North eastern part of the country, up in the mountains, there is a town called Cherrapunjee which is blessed with abundant rainfall. I was fascinated.

I dreamt of being there at least once in monsoons and get drowned in the love nature bestowed upon us in the form of this beautiful green mountain village. It was not a popular tourist destination of India like Kashmir, Kerala or Goa. I was laughed at for the desire of visiting Cherapunjee in monsoon, an unlikely tourist destination in an off-peak season. But I reveled in my blind love for this mythical land.

As I grew up, opportunities for me to travel increased; the world changed; travel and communication became easier; and the global environment saw a shift. Cherrapunjee dropped to the third wettest place on earth. My love only grew stronger and more stubborn. I had to go there once.

Finally… finally I managed a trip last monsoon. And guess what I discovered. I had been in love with a false image. Cherapunjee is beautiful… but… not even close to the image in my dreams. There were no clouds and no rains. Five days in Meghalaya and I saw only a light drizzling on one morning. And on other days, I saw tons of tourists who gorged on its pristine beauty. I was late by a few years (before tourism took over) and late by a few months (when monsoon was at its peak). I went with different expectations. I was in love with an image. This was not my dream.

I was disappointed because I went with wrong expectations at the wrong time. I can blame the people, government, environment or cry in front of God. But the truth is that having expectations of a dreamland from a real world village is probably just stupid. I also refused to accept the changes that are inevitable with time. I refused to let go of my fairyland image. And most importantly, I just wished for the wrong thing.

The real reason I fancied Cherrapunjee was because of its beautiful rains. I fancied clouds, incessant rains, cool breeze, grey roads and muddy pathways in mountains. I fancied myself getting drenched in the rains and drowned in the mesmerizing beauty of mountains. What I instead wished for was a visit to a place with the name Cherapunjee. I asked for the gift box, not the gift. I received the gift box but when I opened it, it was just empty dark space.

I have extremely fond memories of my travels around Western Ghats in Maharashtra & Karnataka in monsoon… treks and drives through the beautiful hilly pathways in rains. I was in love when I was there. I was immersed in the beauty of rains and mountains. But I kept longing for Cherapunjee. My heart defined Himalayas as the real mountains and Western Ghats as small hills. I loved Western Ghats and Mumbai monsoon with all my heart but there was always a little corner in my heart reserved for Cherrapunjee.


Don’t we all make the same mistake with the love of a man or a woman? We long for a perfect image. We pray for the gift pack and often we receive an empty box. We think we want a specific man or woman because it perfectly fits the definition of ‘the ideal’ partner. That crush, that college friend, that person you had a great vacation with, that person you dated once, that person from work, that person… that name… that is not necessarily what you want. We pray for a specific name. But how often do we pray for love… real love? Love can come in any form, the one we think is right or someone we ignored. And often we end up in relationships with no soul.

Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true!

Wish for the soul, for love… Don’t wish for a name, a particular man or woman. That specific person may or may not be the one who can give you the love you want and deserve the love you can give.




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