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Learning Pottery

Pottery taught me the true meaning of patience and perseverance. The physical, mental and emotional strength it demands can leave you exhausted. Being blessed with a slightly higher level of patience and perseverance, I haven’t had an opportunity to test my limits before. Learning pottery, therefore, was an enriching experience for me.

It feels overwhelming at first. It seems like a daunting task to learn the right technique. If you focus too much on the technique, you forget the art. And if you don’t know the technique, you are just a child playing with some clay blocks. Soon enough you realize that it’s surprisingly simple. The most important lesson to learn is to understand the clay. Once you get acquainted with clay and its moods, everything else falls in place.


Every artist has a very unique style and process of creating art. Evert artist feels differently about art. When you explore a new medium, sometimes it’s easy to forget your own voice and drown in learning the process and technique. The excitement of experiencing a new form of creation adds to the intoxication. And sometimes it can be exhausting. Spirit of an artist, however, always wins.

I have experimented with various mediums of art and craft over the years as an amateur. I love the simple joy of creation and creative expression. This is my first experience with Pottery and I feel a special attraction for it. It challenges me and excites me. It seems more difficult but it allows me to create visuals and express thoughts I couldn’t potentially do with other art forms I am acquainted with.

Here are a few small items I made in the class to learn techniques and various steps of the process.



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