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Let Go

They had parted ways to explore life beyond each other. He wanted to fly. And she was still wondering. Their last conversation was brief. Things were left unsaid. They had a small exchange of thoughts on the life decision he was struggling with. But the discussion didn’t end for her with the phone call. She thought of him often and everything she wanted to say but couldn’t. She prepared speeches filled with anger, sadness and love. She waited but they never saw each other again. A year later he called. However, to her surprise, she had nothing to say anymore.

He saw her across the street. It was crowded and noisy. The market was buzzing with energy and excitement. People were busy with their last minute Christmas shopping, bargaining and screaming. The cool winter breeze was intoxicated with the smell of cookies and cakes. She was buying lights. He smiled when he remembered her fascination with lights and Christmas decorations. He stood there frozen, following her every movement until she turned the corner. This was not the first time he wondered if he was wrong. After an eternity of fighting with himself, he decided to make the call. He said to himself, ‘What if…’

He asked her, “Have you managed to figure out your life philosophy?” That seemed like a heavy phrase to respond to. Sensing her apprehension, he added, “Have you figured out how you want to live your life?… what you intend to do with your life?”

She replied, “Well, I intend to live. Keep walking.”

She understood the question branched out organically into million other sub-parts pertaining to relationships and career. She was beyond caring if his intention was to get specifics or get a sense of the general direction. She said to herself, ‘My direction is forward’.



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