Posted in Life, Mumbai

Trapped in City Noise

Honking cars. Drilling machines. Knocking of hammers. Train running on tracks. Flight taking off. People screaming. The sounds of a city. Noise. There is a constant screeching in the background. There are no pleasant sounds. There is no music. There is an incessant never-ending assault of loud unpleasant sound bytes. You can only choose to distract yourself with something pleasant. But the ears are forced to take the abuse. The noise never stops.

All Day and all night. Every moment of my city life. I hear noise and painful cries. While my ears are abused, my heart is panicked. I feel helpless and frustrated. A part of me cries continuously asking for a release and screaming for help. I wonder if the noise drowns out my prayers. I wait, search and pray for a moment of peace. At least one moment. I haven’t yet become comfortable with the noise. I have learnt to ignore it while I go about my daily life. The moment I take a break from work, the ever-present noise reveals itself. The noise has become so deeply embedded in the fabric of city that life cannot escape from it anymore.

Sometimes, in search of silence, I even avoid contact with other humans. I don’t even want to hear myself talk. I don’t want to hear pleasant music or a soothing prayer. I don’t want to hear a baby laugh or a bird sing. I crave for silence. I crave for peace. At least one moment. A moment when noise cease to exist. A moment when I can hear my breath and my heart’s beat.



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