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Paper Boats

As a child, I loved making paper boats and watch them float away in puddles or streams created by rainwater. And then I grew up and forgot the art of making delicate paper boats.

One fine day, during a long call, I started fiddling with a grocery bill lying around and made a little boat. It remained there as a random piece of craft on my dining table. The next grocery bill also tuned into a boat. Soon enough half of my dining table was covered in paper boats made with grocery bills. Somehow they don’t look like a bunch of junk papers on table to be thrown away. They bring playfulness to the living room.

As a child, I didn’t have any bills to pay. And now my thoughts and mindspace are dominated by paying bills. Somehow turning these bills into boats brought back memories and smiles from the carefree days of childhood. Life seems a bit easier just by turning bills into boats.


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