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Blue Flowers


I love the colour blue, in all its hues, in all things around me. I don’t know why there aren’t many blue flowers. Or maybe there aren’t many in the city I live in. But I love the idea of blue flowers.

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36 copy.jpg

I don’t know when I was exposed to this idea. I don’t know if I first heard it in a story, a song or some other popular form of media. I remember this expression and image like I have always known it.
Ferocious waves, roaring ocean and a stormy night. This image is the quintessential representation of life struggle.
I have often attempted to draw, sketch or paint an ocean. Mostly calm and sometimes agitated. This is my first attempt at ferocity and turbulence.
It represents a lot of things to me, resulting from a life struggle. A lonely soul trying to survive, fight or stay alive. The strength of a daredevil who decided to step in a storm to reach an unknown destination or experience a new journey. The overwhelming surge of emotions drowning sanity and rationality and the emerging pain. The internal storm of a troubled heart. The never ending surge of thoughts flooding the mind space. The human mind.
The human mind dealing with thoughts and ideas, positive or negative, trying to give meaning to inexplicable irrational emotions, setting judgments to self and others, and contemplating the meaning of self.
Ferocious waves, roaring ocean and a stormy night. I wonder if this is exactly how the mind is from inside.