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Excuse of a recluse

There is a certain romance and fairy tale fantasy to the idea of being a recluse on account of specific unique quality that is different than an average human, maybe even superior or at least carrying the appearance of superiority, like intelligence or high sensitivity to human emotions. It is convenient and even pleasant to a degree to attribute one’s inability to forge meaningful relationships to an inherent flaw, which is deemed positive on account of its superiority  or intensity. The onus of building relationships and the effort required in sharing affection or care with others can be greatly undermined or reduced with the excuse of a recluse.
It reinforces the idea of uniqueness making the person feel special in a way.
Ironically, the whole act of excluding self from society becomes an attempt at seeking acknowledgment from society. Acknowledgment that you are unique, special, one in a million or at least one of the few special ones. Establishing a unique identity is an inherent need for humans who continue to strive to be not treated as one of the animals with basic needs of survival. It feeds in the self identity and self image.
It almost makes it acceptable.