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I don’t know when I was exposed to this idea. I don’t know if I first heard it in a story, a song or some other popular form of media. I remember this expression and image like I have always known it.
Ferocious waves, roaring ocean and a stormy night. This image is the quintessential representation of life struggle.
I have often attempted to draw, sketch or paint an ocean. Mostly calm and sometimes agitated. This is my first attempt at ferocity and turbulence.
It represents a lot of things to me, resulting from a life struggle. A lonely soul trying to survive, fight or stay alive. The strength of a daredevil who decided to step in a storm to reach an unknown destination or experience a new journey. The overwhelming surge of emotions drowning sanity and rationality and the emerging pain. The internal storm of a troubled heart. The never ending surge of thoughts flooding the mind space. The human mind.
The human mind dealing with thoughts and ideas, positive or negative, trying to give meaning to inexplicable irrational emotions, setting judgments to self and others, and contemplating the meaning of self.
Ferocious waves, roaring ocean and a stormy night. I wonder if this is exactly how the mind is from inside.

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Version 2Working and living in a city is a constant assault on senses. Every time I step out, my eyes burn, breathing is difficult, my skin gets itchy and my ears are in pain with constant honking in traffic. Especially in a city like Delhi, with dangerous levels of pollution, the survival feels like a challenge. I don’t know what happened in the moment I agreed to enter and live in this gas chamber. I don’t know why in every moment that followed I couldn’t get myself to back out. For the sake of my precious breath, my healthy body and mind, if I decide to turn my back on my responsibilities, would it be such a bad thing after all? Am I not being unfair to the divine by throwing away the health I have been gifted? What benefits could this job possibly bring me that I am willing to let my senses be under attack 24×7?
34.2Today I tried a tiny trick to take a break. I kept my eyes closed for the hour long journey between my home and office. I plugged earphones and played music on my phone. I covered my nose and face with my shawl. I put my hands in my coat to hide the only visible part of the skin.
For one hour I tried to cut myself off from the world. Not because I dislike the world. But to cut off the sensory inputs this city and this journey offers me.
And in doing so, I went inwards. I could still hear a bit of noise from outside, feel the bumpy ride of the cab, the cold breeze through my hair and the uncomfortable taste of dust on my lips that passed through my thin shawl. But these were very faint sensations. The only point of focus was the music. And soon that also faded away.
32.3Now it was just me. All sensations were there but somehow not important and not unpleasant. My thoughts floated away from one fantasy world to another. As the feeble sunlight of winters changed directions along with my journey, various dark hues and patterns emerged and dissolved in front of my closed eyes. They demanded my attention every once in a while. My mind continued to wander. I continued to bring it back to the colour patterns in my view or the music or the various musings about life. But I was somehow pacified. I still fear for my health and safety. I still find it difficult to breathe. I still feel thick layers of dust on my face and hair. But I am less angry about it. I enjoyed diving inside my mind. It felt like going inside a deep cave with hidden treasures that are accessible to be enjoyed only if I dare to step in. And this forced need to shut all my senses gave me one precious hour for this exploration.
I am hoping to try this more, perhaps every day.